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Top 5 Reasons to Elope – This Might Surprise You!

You’re engaged (or at least thinking about getting married) and there are so many options to choose from on the way you get married. Society puts a lot of pressure on us humans to do what everyone else is doing. We are expected to follow the path more traveled, and stick with the trends. I’m here to tell you that you do no have to fit your wedding day in a box. Your wedding day deserves to be epic! If that means you throw all the wedding rules out the window and elope, then that’s what you should do. Below are my top 5 reasons to elope.

A couple reads their vows privately together on their Seattle wedding day

You don’t like being the center of attention.

Over the years as an adventure wedding photographer, I’ve watched plenty of couples who don’t like being in front of crowds force themselves to be in that position on their wedding day. Your wedding day is a super special day, and if you want to have privacy and seclusion to say your vows, then that’s what you deserve.

A bride and groom share a quiet moment together in the woods on their wedding day

Eloping is less expensive.

For many couples, this might be one of the main reasons to elope. According to Wedding Wire’s 2019 Wedding Report, the average cost of a big wedding in the USA is $29,200. Wow, that’s a lot! Even if you were to plan a destination elopement with international travel, it’s likely you’d only end up spending half of that.

A bride wearing a floral pink gown on her wedding day shares a first look with her groom next to a mountain lake near Leavenworth

You want to share a new adventure together.

One of the most incredible reasons to elope is to plan a trip to a location that you’ve never been together. This gives you the excuse to explore somewhere new, and say your vows in an incredible setting.

A bride and groom share a moment together during sunset on the Olympic Peninsula

Skip the family drama.

A wedding day shouldn’t be your excuse for catering to everyone else’s needs, and that might even mean your own family. If you have a complicated relationship with close family members, than eloping might be a great solution for you.

A couple shares a walk together on a beach on their wedding day near Port Townsend, Washington

Eloping is better for the environment.

With the next generation becoming more aware of our impacts on the planet, sustainability might be one of the best reasons to elope. A typical big wedding can generate up to 600 pounds of garbage. Why not elope just the two of you in the mountains and leave no trace?

Did I miss something? If you eloped, I’d love to hear about the reason why you did. Email [email protected] and share your story!

Top 5 Reasons to Elope | Seattle Adventure Elopement Photographer Amy Galbraith

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