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3 Reasons to Print your Photos

fall family photos of a mother and her two children at discovery park in seattle The need to print your photos seems to be a thing of the past. Between Facebook, Google Drives, Instagram, and email, why bother? This is a topic that I’m passionate about. As a photographer, I love to create art. Whether it’s a beautiful portrait, stunning landscape, or shoot for a magazine, I hope that my work shines enough to be put into print. While keeping everything on invisible clouds and endless hard drives may be easy, I would love for everyone to consider printing their favorite images. Did you ever get the chance to open your parents’ wedding album? Have you ever been able to sift through prints of your own childhood, holding each and every memory in your hand? If we don’t print our photos, upcoming generations will never get to know this special feeling. Here are three reasons why I think it’s important to get your photos printed. story panel of a first look between a bride and groom at pickering barn on their wedding day 1. To tell a story. Whether you have photos from a wedding, senior portrait session, or family event, they all have a story to tell. Getting photos printed and putting them in an album can bring you back to those emotions you were feeling at the time as you flip through your memories.

Bride in Sequin Wedding Gown with Groom on the Seattle Waterfront2. Technology evolves. In the same way that phones change their plug-in sockets, ways of storing digital media will change over the years. Some computers don’t even have DVD drives anymore, so any images you have stored on those are no longer readable in on those machines. How many of your have been trying to get those old VHS videos into a digital format? You have to be constantly backing up your digital files to the latest storage methods to continue to view them. A printed photo is timeless, and if properly cared for, will last generations. fall engagement session image of a couple kissing on a log at stevens pass in washington 3. Daily Inspiration. Seeing a photo on your wall, walking by it every day, will no doubt evoke some emotion inside you. If your images are stored on a computer, you have to seek them out to look at them. When you walk by a print on a wall, you’ll go back to how you were feeling the day it was taken. Seeing the smiles on your loved ones’ faces in the room will no doubt bring a little joy to your day! black and white images of a bride and groom walking into the sunset during their wedding in jackson hole There are so many ways to print and display your images. Whether you are wanting a small album to keep on the coffee table or a large display for the wall printed on canvas, the options are endless. There is certainly a way that will fit your needs and personality. All of our portrait sessions come with a print credit for this reason. As a photographer, I would be remiss if I didn’t offer my clients some type of end product, a product they can hold and touch with their hands. What are some of your favorite ways to share your photos? We’d love to hear!

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