Best Seattle Senior Portrait Locations

I’ve been photographing high school seniors in Seattle for four years now and have had the opportunity to scout out and explore some really awesome Seattle senior portrait locations. I figured it was due time to put a list together of some of my favorites to make it easy for incoming seniors to choose a location for their session. Here are some of what I consider to be the best senior portrait locations in the greater Seattle area!

Discovery Park

Why we love it: Think never ending fields of tall golden grass at sunset, expansive views of Puget Sound and you’ve got Discovery Park. I love shooting here not only for the views but because it’s also quiet. Come here on a weeknight and you’ll wonder how this place even exists right in the middle of Seattle. Some woodsy trails and a few historic buildings add even more to the seemingly unlimited number of backdrops.

Downsides: This park is massive and requires a lot of walking. If you plan on wearing high heels, bring a comfy pair of shoes for walking in between locations. The bathroom also isn’t very central and you need to walk back and forth if you have a few outfit changes.

Luther Burbank Park

Why we love it: I can’t say enough good things about Luther Burbank Park. The variety of backdrops is so diverse, the lighting is great at almost any time of day, and it doesn’t require as much walking to get between locations. A brick building, dock on the water, beachfront views of Lake Washington and a woodsy path make for the perfect senior session!

Downsides: As we all know, traffic can be awful on I-90 sometimes and getting here can be rough at the sunset hour. That being said, it’s always worth it once you get there!

Golden Gardens

Why we love it: The place really is aptly named. The sunsets on the beach are absolutely stunning! Beach grass and a stand of tall skinny trees adds some interest. The rocks and logs along the shore are great to sit on for posing variety and who doesn’t love the look of the salty wind blowing through your hair as the waves crash over your toes?

Downsides: Any sunny day in Seattle seems to bring out half the city and the parking lot here is tiny. Plan on shooting on an unpopular weeknight if you choose this as your location!

Pioneer Square

Why we love it: Seattle shows off its history in this area in the form of beautiful brick buildings, towering trees and slim little alleys. Cute storefronts and coffee shops make for some unique backdrops, along with a big beautiful brick wall covered in ivy. This is a great spot for anyone wanting an urban senior session.

Downsides: Any city location has its challenges. Parking is tough downtown, as is the traffic getting there. There is also a fairly large homeless population in this area so being comfortable around strangers is a must. No public restrooms are available so plan on making a stop to purchase a tasty coffee from Cafe Umbria so you can have a place to change clothes!

Olympic Sculpture Park and Seattle Waterfront

Why we love it: This urban location packs a ton of variety for portrait sessions. The sculptures make for unique backgrounds and the metal wall on the museum building looks great with almost any wardrobe choice! Start at the waterfront near the aquarium and get some shots with the ferris wheel. Finish up on the tiny beach park along the waterfront and maybe even catch a glimpse of some sea lions!

Downsides: The waterfront has been under construction for some time now and our shooting locations can change from month to month because of it. There also isn’t a public restroom or convenient place to change clothes so changing in the car is your best option.

So there you have it! Our top five Seattle senior portrait locations. If you’re interested in getting on our calendar for a senior session, please email [email protected] for pricing and availability. We have a couple of openings left for August and September is starting to fill up!

Also, have you downloaded our FREE Senior Styling Guide yet? Find out how to look your best during your senior session. Get your copy HERE.

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