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First Family Vacation to Arizona

3 month old baby being held up in the palm trees

Life has been pretty crazy these days with a 3-month old. While I feel like I’ve settled into the rhythm of taking care of a baby, it certainly isn’t easy, or predictable. So we thought, why not take a flight? Haha, I’m sure most new parents don’t feel this way but with Banks’ grandma and grandpa out of state, it’s a must. My parents hadn’t seen the little guy since he was only one week old and you can only have so many Skype conversations before you really want to be together in person! So now here we are on the other end of our first flying family vacation with a baby and it feels great! Honestly it was pretty easy. We had chosen evening flights which I would say definitely worked in our favor as he slept nearly the whole time. I could see the look of fear when the person sitting in the window seat saw us setting up shop but little Banks proved to everyone that babies can be great while flying! We even had a layover on our way home, including a delay which put us pulling up in our driveway at 1:30am and we all survived. Thankful we had our Ergo baby carrier to keep him swaying and soothed!

baby sleeping on airplane

Being in Arizona was wonderfully refreshing. We spent days lounging by the pool in the backyard, laying on beach towels and watching palm trees sway, showing Banks the desert flowers and getting our full dose of Vitamin D. And after this lousy spring in Seattle, I can definitely say that we needed it. I got to see my sister, best friend from high school, and other family members who were so excited to meet Banks for the first time. I’ll spare you all the details of everything we did down there and release what you’d rather see instead – adorable baby photos. So hear ya go! Banks looks great in sunny weather, don’t you agree? 🙂

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