a couple gazes out at icicle creek during their mountain wedding ceremony at sleeping lady resort in leavenworth
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3 Tips for Planning a Mountain Wedding

a couple gazes out at icicle creek during their mountain wedding ceremony at sleeping lady resort in leavenworth

Having a wedding in the mountains can mean breathtaking backdrops, sweeping sunset views, and gorgeous woodsy scenery. However, planning a mountain wedding comes with all sorts of challenges. Whether you’re dealing with rocky terrain, questionable weather, or transportation issues, the mountains can add a bit more difficulty to your wedding day. Here are a few things to consider when planning your mountain wedding.


a couple embraces at the top of tram at jackson hole mountain resort after their wedding ceremony in the tetons

1. Altitude sickness is a real thing. When I’m shooting weddings in Jackson Hole, where the elevation is 6300 ft at it’s lowest, there are definitely some precautions I have to take to avoid feeling unwell on the big day. To avoid altitude sickness during your mountain wedding, be sure to drink plenty of water, eat potassium-rich foods, and get lots of rest. Don’t forget to tell your guests to do the same, especially if they come from lower-altitude locations!

mountain wedding ceremony at the top of crystal mountain resort

2. Location, location, location. For mountain weddings in the Pacific Northwest, there are some pretty treacherous roads that need to be navigated. From icy and slippery to rocky and windy, Washington mountain wedding locations can be tricky to access! If your mountain wedding is difficult to reach, consider providing a shuttle for your guests from a popular hotel or town center. Be sure to have the shuttle return at multiple times throughout the evening so that guests who’ve danced themselves sleepy can return home.

bride and groom walk across the ridge next to spring creek ranch in jackson hole

3. Footwear. I’ve photographed several weddings in Grand Teton National Park on very rocky terrain. Mountain wedding ceremonies are extremely romantic, but aren’t always conducive to typical wedding day footwear. If your ceremony location is rocky or on uneven ground, consider sending this information out to your guests in advance. That way they can choose shoes that will keep them safe and injury-free when navigating tough terrain. I’ve also seen couples provide flip-flops for their guests when the location was less-than-ideal for stilettos!

What are some challenges you’ve come across when attending weddings in the mountains? I’d love to hear about it!