bridal party in pink in front of the tetons in jackson hole
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Ways to Include Friends and Family in your Wedding

bridal party in pink in front of the tetons in jackson hole

Have you set your wedding party but have some special friends you’d like to include in your wedding celebration? Or have you decided to forego bridesmaids and groomsmen altogether? What’s so wonderful about modern weddings is that you have the option to do things YOUR way. Whether you decide to have a wedding party or not, there are many fun ways to include friends and family in your wedding celebration.

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1. Have them officiate! Is your brother, sister, or best friend great at public speaking? Many couples have chosen their closest friends or family member to become ordained and officiate their ceremonies. This is a wonderful way to honor a close friend and you’ll always be glad you had somebody who really knew you proclaim you “husband and wife”!

mother of the bride reads a quote at wedding in leavenworth, washington
2. Perform a reading at the ceremony. Saying a few short words, whether it be your favorite poem or quote, is a pretty easy thing to stand up and do. Friends and family are usually honored to be a part of this very special portion of your wedding day!

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3. Contribute to the decor. I’ve noticed many couples creating their own centerpieces. Whether it’s painting bottles, writing place cards, or doing calligraphy on a sign, this is a great way for that creative friend of yours to participate in your wedding day.

dessert bar at jackson hole wedding
4. DIY dessert bar. Couples are shying away from gigantic tiered wedding cakes and frequently opting for a dessert bar with options that everyone will love. If you have friends or family that enjoy baking, have them whip up a plate of their favorite homemade goodies.

friends playing music at a wedding in jackson hole
5. Play Music. While I’d never advocate for anyone to ask their friends or family to “work” at their wedding, musical friends and family members are usually more than happy to participate in shorter portions of the day. Does somebody you know play the guitar or piano? Forego the DJ them perform live as you walk down the aisle. Maybe a friend would love to bring their band to play during your cocktail hour, or if you know someone who loves to DJ (make sure they have done weddings before!), ask them to participate in that way.

There are so many great ways to include friends and family in your wedding day celebration without having to ask them to be in a wedding party. What ideas do you have? I’d love to hear about them!