in home seattle newborn photos

There’s something pretty special about getting to watch your friends become parents. We seemed to be one of the first among our friends to make the big leap and to be honest, it’s felt a little lonely. I think a lot of the reason we always have Banks out and about so much is because we are trying to keep up with our friends who haven’t started families. While I think it’s impossible to say “you won’t let your child dictate your life”, sometimes it has to be that way in order to keep your sanity. Needless to say, we were thrilled when our friends Courtney and Kurtis announced their pregnancy and even more excited to meet this little sweet pea when he arrived. I photographed several in-home newborn sessions this past fall and baby Caden was one of them. I met him when he was a mere 4 days old and Courtney and Kurtis were just getting settled in at home before their family was to arrive. There was a stillness in the air. Everything in their home felt so peaceful. The two of them seemed to be effortlessly adjusting to life as parents and it was so special to witness. Caden is just the sweetest and I had the pleasure to visit him this past month again. He smiles now and makes the cutest little cooing noises. It’s going to be so much fun when he’s old enough to play with Banks and watch them grow together. While I love all of the new milestones and the insane amount of learning these babies do in their first year, there’s just something so pure about those first few days at home. I feel so blessed I was able to document these moments for Courtney and Kurtis.