Lifestyle Newborn Photos | Baby Colton

Lately it seems like I know a lot of people entering into the “parenthood” phase of life – and I couldn’t be happier for them. Raising a babe of my own has brought me so much joy, made me realize I had even more love to share, and helped me overcome many new challenges. The first two weeks, in particular, are extra special. Sleep deprived yet overjoyed, stressed but so in love, the challenges that come with having a brand new baby in your home are seemingly endless. I remember so much about that time for us – the smells, the music I was listening to, the sweet little snuggly moments and also the not so pleasant middle-of-the-night wakeup calls. Those first two weeks are simply fleeting and I will forever have those moments engrained in my memory.

This brings me to a new offering for my business – in-home newborn sessions. I want parents to remember this super special time with their new baby. My lifestyle newborn photos are meant to capture what life is like with your little one – the snuggles, sleepy smiles, tiny fingers and itty bitty toes, diaper changes, and even the cries. It might not be perfect, but it’s beautiful! I’ll probably never put your baby in a basket but I can promise that I can capture what life was like for you at the time that you added a new member to your family. My hope is to capture images that make you feel the emotions you were feeling when you brought your little one into the world, because it goes by fast and if you don’t stop to pause for a minute, it will all be gone.

And next up I want to introduce – baby Colton! This little one was just seven days old for his session and is just the sweetest little guy. His older furry brother, Gus, seems pretty excited about his arrival. I am so glad I got to capture this sweet session of this little fall baby. Here are some of my favorites from his session below.

To book lifestyle newborn photos with me, visit my website for my portfolio and pricing options for both newborn sessions and “Baby’s 1st Year” collections. All newborn sessions are best when photographed within two weeks of birth.