Backpacking to Hidden Lake Lookout in the North Cascades of Washington by Amy Galbraith
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Backpacking Hidden Lake in the North Cascades

Wedding prep is in full swing (the big day is just over one month away!) and we felt like we needed to take a break from the endless weekend tasks to head to the mountains. On the books this time was Hidden Lake Lookout, a little fire lookout structure on top of a peak in the North Cascades. At 8 miles roundtrip, this could be done in a day but we chose to set up camp and enjoy for a whole weekend. There is an option to sleep in the lookout, but we didn’t get there in time and someone else had already claimed it. Even without sleeping in the lookout, we thoroughly enjoyed hiking up there and enjoying the sweeping mountain views. We ended up setting up camp closer to Hidden Lake, watching the clouds pass by. It was a wonderful trip with great weather, and a perfect way to relax as we get closer to the big day!