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Education | The Perfect Wedding Day Timeline

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bride and groom laughing together on wedding day

Whether it’s not knowing how much time to book your photographer for or just general confusion on how to set up the events on your wedding day, creating the perfect wedding day timeline for the big event can be a tough topic to tackle. While you can ask your DJ, venue, or caterer for tips, many will leave out the portion of the day that you have devoted to photos. Below is a general timeline and discussion of how you can best schedule the precious time that you have with your photographer!

The average wedding booking for me is eight hours, so I will be providing that as a starting point. Of course if you book more hours, feel free to add and subtract time as needed! I will also be including a “first look” in my timeline. Not only is a first look the way to go for being efficient with your time, it also gives you a lot more time to hang with your guests rather than trying to squeeze in what should be 2-3 hours worth of photography into a cocktail hour and missing all of the action.

Getting Ready Photos – 1:45 – 2:45pm
Assuming you will both be getting ready at or near the venue, one hour should be plenty. I typically start taking photos of the guys – putting ties on, drinking beers, playing lawn games, etc. After that I will pop in to where the ladies are and make sure to take photos of everyone interacting, drinking champagne, putting accessories on, etc. The last thing I will photograph during this portion of the day is the bride putting her dress on. Carla of Honey Crumb Cake Studio has some great advice – “Start hair and makeup early and even earlier than that if you are doing hair (or makeup or both) at a salon instead of having a makeup artist travel to you.” I couldn’t have said it better!

bride putting on necklace at the nines hotel in portland

groomsmen on bus to wedding

First Look, followed by Bride & Groom photos – 2:45 – 3:45pm
Pretty self explanatory, but an hour is an ideal amount of time for this! Obviously we want to have plenty of time for you to enjoy some moments together and also make use of all the beautiful backdrops at your venue. I also recommend not allowing anyone else to be there for this portion. The first look is usually one of the only parts of the day that the bride and groom get to themselves and it’s really nice to have a little private time to soak it all in. Be sure to add extra time if you will be driving between locations!

bride sees her groom during the first look on their wedding day

Wedding Party Photos – 3:45 – 4:30pm
This can vary greatly depending on how many you have in your wedding party, but I like 45 minutes if I can get it. I love taking photos of the group together along with individuals of each member with the bride and groom, respectively. Even better if we have time to stop at a nearby bar for a toast! It’s so much fun to incorporate activities together during this time and makes for some really candid and natural images.

wedding party at boho wedding at over the vines in wisconsin

Prepare for Ceremony – 4:30 – 5:00pm
Whether you have a hot and sunny day or a day filled with cool weather and clouds, you will definitely want to give yourself time to freshen up before walking down the aisle. This also gives me a chance to sneak into the reception space before the guests see it and take photos of all of those gorgeous details that you planned out.

beautiful lavender table setting

Ceremony – 5:00pm – 5:30pm
30 minutes is usually more than enough time for this. Obviously you may need to adjust if you have a special religious ceremony or lots of readings.

wedding ceremony at moose creek ranch in idaho

Family Photos – 5:30 – 5:45pm
A lot of people ask me if they can do these before, but from experience, I don’t recommend it. Somebody is inevitably late and then we end up wasting precious time waiting for them. After the ceremony, everyone is already there and we can usually find a lovely spot nearby that will accommodate the group. I work off of a shot list my clients provide for this so unless there’s a crazy number of combinations, 15 minutes is plenty. My goal at this point is to get you off to your ceremony and mingle with your guests as quickly as I can!

formal family portraits at kitsap memorial state park wedding

Signing of Marriage License – 5:45 – 5:55pm
Don’t forget to make it official! 🙂 According to Kiara of Bright & Co. Events, “[Allow] time post ceremony to just sign the certificate and revel in the fact you just got married! That was my favorite part of the day.”

bride and groom sign marriage license on MV Skansonia

Bride and Groom join Cocktail Hour – 5:55pm – 6:30pm
Yay! Time to say hello to your guests and mingle! Belinda of Happy Camper Cocktail Company says, “For couples who don’t want a first look, I always recommend a nice long cocktail hour to allow them plenty of time for photos alone and with family.” I couldn’t agree more!

bride chats with her wedding guests during cocktail hour in jackson hole

Grand Entrance and First Dance or Welcome – 6:30 – 6:45pm
Whether you do this with your entire wedding party or just yourselves, here’s where you would make your entrance into the reception after everyone is seated. After you enter, it can be fun to do your first dance or just get on the mic and welcome everyone. I find it really helpful to hold your guests’ attention for a few minutes before everyone jumps into dinner.

bride and groom's first dance at honalee farms in boise

Dinner Service – 6:45pm – 7:30pm
Whether you have a buffet or plated dinner, time to eat!

gorgeous table setting at wedding  in puget sound

Toasts – 7:30 – 7:45pm
Starting your toasts at the tail end of dinner service is a great time. Guests tend to get restless if they have to sit for too long. Unless you have a ton of guests speaking or an open mic, 15 minutes should be plenty.

father of the bride gives a toast at talus rock retreat wedding in idaho

Cut the Cake – 7:45pm
Get that dessert going! You can also skip this of course if you don’t plan on having cake. If you have a dessert bar, make sure to have your DJ or Emcee announce its opening.

bride and groom cut their aspen cake at mountain springs lodge wedding in leavenworth

Special Dances – 8:00pm
Whether you save your first dance for this time, want to do a father/daughter and mother/son dance or an anniversary dance, this is a good way to get things rolling on the dance floor!

bride dances with her father at brown family homestead wedding

Open Dancing (take sunset photos during this time)- 8:15 – 9:30pm
Get that party started! I also like to sneak in about 15-20 minutes of sunset photos if the weather permits. Since we took most of our photos earlier on in mid-day, this gives me a chance to take advantage of good light. Adjust to during dinner or cocktail hour if the sun is setting earlier on your wedding date. These can be some of the best shots of the day!

bride and groom at sunset at hidden meadows wedding in snohomish

Bouquet/Garter Toss, Sparklers, Etc – 9:30pm – 9:45pm
Those final moments of coverage may include a bouquet and garter toss if you choose to do one, a fun night shot, or just me finishing up the evening on the dance floor. A common misconception is that the photographer needs to cover the entire evening of dancing. Unless you have a grand exit planned, 45 minutes to and hour of dance floor coverage should be plenty to get those awesome moments of your friends and family boogie-ing down.

bride and groom exit their wedding surrounded by sparklers at within soda

bride and groom in the rain at night at the manor house at pleasant beach

I hope this is helpful for those trying to work out their wedding day schedules or plan on how much coverage they need. Be sure to also coordinate schedules with your venue, caterer, wedding planner, DJ, etc so everyone can be on the same page and offer their input. Do you have any helpful tips of your own to add? Feel free to comment below and happy planning!

Liberty High School Senior Photos | Jordan

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liberty high school senior on the steps at Luther Burbank Park

Jordan is a Liberty High School senior in the Class of 2017. Jordan keeps himself pretty busy. He plays on the football team at Liberty High School and has participated in karate since the age of 3. When he graduates he hopes to attend the University of Washington and possibly go into the medical field or study engineering. We got a much needed break in the weather last fall. I had a great time exploring the fall colors and gorgeous waterfronts of Luther Burbank Park on Mercer Island during his session. Wishing Jordan lots of victories not only on the football field but in the rest of life as well!

Life as a Mama | The Birth of Banks

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If you’ve been following me much on Instagram lately you’ve probably noticed that we’ve added a new addition to our little family! Sweet little Banks Jackson was born on December 26, 2016 one week before his due date. Being a mama has added a whole new element to my life. I not only have a love so strong that I never knew I had for this tiny person, but I’m adjusting to our life as a family. Birth is a truly personal topic and while I don’t share much on here from my personal life, I hope I can inspire at least a few mamas-to-be out there who may be on this journey or hope to be in the future.

As most people know, whether you’re engaged and planning a wedding or are pregnant and planning for a baby, you will field tons of advice. Tons of questions came my way upon announcing my pregnancy – “Will you have an epidural?”, “What hospital will you give birth at?”, “Midwives or OBs?”, and many, many more. At first I didn’t realize there were so many options out there. I thought that you were just supposed to show up at the hospital and everything was taken care of for you. Boy was I wrong. Upon entering the rabbit hole of information pertaining to birth on the internet, I realized I had TONS of options. I could take the OB/GYN route, or I could simply visit a midwife and even birth my baby in the comfort of my own home (and yes, I did consider this!) Something I knew that I wanted in my birth was no medications, including the epidural. I won’t go into detail on this as there’s plenty of research out there to show why this can be a healthy (and also very empowering!) option for anyone really wanting to get the full experience out of their birth. Due to this desire, my husband and I signed up for Bradley Method classes, aka Husband-Coached Childbirth. I loved the idea that David would be there by my side, acting as a cheerleader for me. The class itself was amazing. We took it through Lauren Pineda, a doula located in Ballard. We learned about everything from pregnancy nutrition to birth complications to how to get off to a good start with breastfeeding our baby. If you’re considering a class at all I highly recommend it! After all 12 weeks had passed and it was early December, all we could do was anxiously await the arrival of our little one.

I’ll begin by saying that my pregnancy was amazing. Not to say I loved being pregnant or that I would do it again in a heartbeat, but I had none of the annoying complications that come with being pregnant. It was like the unicorn of pregnancies. I didn’t have any weird cravings, I wasn’t sick, I took forever to even sport a baby bump, and all tests for any problems came back negative. Other than the occasional sore back and lack of sleep when baby would kick at night, I was good to go and felt so confident that we would be able to accomplish our goal of an all-natural birth. I dreamed about laboring for a long time in our home with a doula, breathing and relaxing through the contractions until I was in full labor and ready to head to the hospital. We had chosen Northwest Hospital and the midwife team, which just so happen to be less than a mile from our house. I felt like we had done everything we could to set ourselves up for success. That was, until, December 22 rolled around and I had my 38 week prenatal appointment. It was that day that one of the midwives announced that our little boy was breech. No!!! How could this be??! I had done everything right. Yoga, exercise, walking, eating well, the works. How could he be facing the wrong way? If you aren’t familiar with breech, it means that the baby’s head is facing up toward your ribs instead of down towards the birth canal. There is only one doctor in all of Washington and a handful of home-birth midwives who will deliver a baby this way without a cesarean. I was completely crushed. Teary-eyed and defeated, I waited for David to pick me up from the clinic and we started going through our options. While it wasn’t likely, there was a chance that he could turn the right way on his own or we could attempt some DIY techniques to make it happen. If he didn’t turn, a cesarean delivery was our only option.

First, I went in to a local acupuncturist who was recommended by the doula we had hired. He tried some Chinese medicine techniques on me. While it didn’t end up working, it at least got me into a relaxed state of mind. That same night, December 23, we went in for a procedure called external cephalic version (also known as version). Basically, an OB and a midwife pressed on my stomach in an attempt to physically turn our little guy from the outside. This was most definitely painful and actually gave me a chance to practice a lot of the relaxation techniques I learned in our Bradley Method class. While this also didn’t work, I was at least happy that we had given it a chance. Otherwise I would have always wondered “what if”.

Sore and disappointed, I woke up on Christmas Eve with a clear mind. A cesarean was everything I didn’t want about my birth process and I’d never even had a major surgery before, but I had no other choice but to move forward and accept it. We spent a quiet Christmas Eve with David’s family and even treated ourselves to dinner at a Chinese restaurant, a tradition that I’d had with my family as a kid. Little did we know this would be our last dinner out as a family of two.

Christmas Day was oh-so-fun and relaxing. We spent it with David’s family in Bellevue. It was a happy day! We hung around in comfy clothes, opening presents, eating festive food, decorating cookies, and laughing a lot. We went for a walk around the lake nearby and enjoyed the sunshine and cold, clear weather. The festivities continued into the night and we ended the evening watching home movies of David and his siblings. At around 10:30 when the movies were almost over and we were about to leave, I felt a strange pop in my abdomen. It wasn’t like a strong kick or anything I’d felt before and I had a sense that my water had broken. I whispered to David that we should probably make a quick exit and we headed home shortly after.

On the way home I was having some mild, continuous cramps and started to wonder if this was actually the real thing. When we got home, I decided to take a shower to make sure that I was actually in labor. The Bradley Method encourages you to go about your normal activities in case you are just experiencing false labor. If after you walk, eat something, drink something, shower, and rest your contractions get stronger, you are in real labor. While showering, I started to realize that my contractions were really starting to take off. I didn’t want to get to the hospital too early even though I knew I was having a cesarean delivery, but I also started to worry in case we got there too late. They say the average labor lasts 12-15 hours but some can be really fast and of course some can take longer. I called our midwife and doula to let them know this was it and that we would be headed to the hospital soon. Our doula happened to be at another birth so she called her backup to join us at the hospital.

By the time we left, I could barely make it to the car. David carried everything out for me while I just put the seat as far back as it would go and tried to relax through the contractions I was having. They were getting closer together and very strong. At the hospital, I decided to ride a wheelchair back to our suite as I didn’t think I’d physically be able to walk there. Upon arriving in our birth suite, they double checked to make sure that baby was still upside down and did a check to see how far along I was. They were shocked to see that I was already at 8cm (10 means it’s time to push) and it had only been 2 hours since we had left David’s parents’ house!! Things moved really quickly from that point on so they could get me into surgery before baby decided to come out on his own. Most of this time is really a blur to me as I was in a ton of pain from the contractions. All I remember is that there were lots of people around and I had to sign some consent forms and could barely write. Thankfully David was by my side the whole time to help me relax.

I soon went in to see the anesthesiologist who administered the epidural so I wouldn’t feel surgery. I can’t even believe what a turnaround that was for me. I went from having extremely intense pain to absolutely nothing. David walked into the OR and I was smiling and commenting on how excited I was to meet our baby. He said it was pretty funny how night-and-day it was. Soon after, surgery began. A few minutes later, our baby boy was out and I heard the sweetness of his first cry. 12/26/16 at 1:56 am. While it took a little longer than I would have liked for the nurses to hand him over to me, I was elated when I finally got to hold my baby boy. He had the fullest head of hair, the cutest nose, and the tiniest little fingers and toes. Sweet Banks Jackson. We were so relieved and excited that he was finally here!

The next few days were a complete blur between night and day at the hospital. I didn’t sleep at all after he was born. All I could do was hold him close and stare at him. It was simply magical to lay there in the quiet of the night and listen to his sweet little breaths. Family came and went and we spent as much time as we could learning from the nurses how to take care of and feed our little guy. Anesthesia finally wore off and I began walking around again (yep, they make you walk the day after surgery). It was real – we were parents!

Now, Banks is five weeks old. I sit here and type this while he quietly naps in my Moby wrap. It still is a little bit unreal to me that this little life has begun and that we are in charge of raising him. We have a love for him so strong that it’s impossible to describe. I look back on my birth experience and there’s no doubt that I feel a bit of lingering grief. Like many say, write your birth plan. But then, crumple it up and throw it in the trash because birth is spontaneous and raw and unexpected. You can’t paint a perfect picture of what you want and expect it to go as planned. I definitely learned that for real. That being said, I’m beyond thankful that it resulted in a healthy baby and a healthy me. That, in the end, is what’s most important.

Below are some of my favorite photos from his first month of life. The first set is from our Fresh48 and Newborn Lifestyle Session with Meg Newton Photography. We love you so much, Banks!

Fall Mini-Session | The Kinzebachs

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I’m excited to share another fall mini-session with you tonight. I have been starting to photograph more families over the past year and have really enjoyed it! Maybe it’s because I have one of my own now and I can appreciate it even more but kids are just the best! I especially enjoyed working with Cade, the sweet little dude pictured below. He and his parents were total troopers during their October session – which turned out to be the rainiest October in Seattle history! We wandered around Discovery Park enjoying the fall leaves and of course got a little wet. I love how these shots turned out, despite the ridiculous weather, and it just proves that you don’t have to let the weather ruin your photo session. Thanks for letting me capture your family, Kinzebachs!

Jackson Hole Wedding | Patrick & Jessica

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Years ago when I was living the ski bum life in Jackson Hole just trying to make ends meet, I worked as a fine-dining server at the stunning Amangani resort. Seriously, if you’ve never heard of it, check it out. My days consisted of waking up and snowboarding in the morning, then getting all prettied up and driving the winding road up the bluff to serve local fare and fine wine to some of Jackson Hole’s more luxurious visitors. Our crew all had the same mindset – work hard, play hard – and we all bonded over working in that beautiful space. Jessica happened to be a hostess for a while during the time I worked there. While the years have gone by, it felt like no time had passed when she called to ask me about photographing her wedding. We are now both leading professional lives but our love for Jackson Hole and its mountains never faded. I was thrilled to meet her amazing fiancé and these two sure do make the perfect pair. Their love for the river surely had a hand in their venue choice, the Snake River Sporting Club. The leaves were stunning and golden on their wedding day and the autumn light illuminated their ceremony with the mountains all around. All guests were wide-eyed when Jessica made her entrance in her stunning Oscar de la Renta ball gown. Details from the area like foraged antlers, autumn-inspired bouquets, and catering by the locally-loved Cafe Genevieve made for a very personalized wedding celebration. The local band Whiskey Mornin’ serenaded guests as they danced the night away under that big Wyoming sky.

Venue: Snake River Sporting Club
Event Planning: Hitched JH
Catering: Cafe Genevieve
Floral Design: Lily & Co
Band: Whiskey Mornin’
Wedding Gown: Oscar de la Renta
Dress Shop: Joan Pillow Bridal Salon
Bridesmaid Dresses: Amsale
Hair & Makeup: Tori Salon

Holy Names Senior Photos | Grace

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holy names senior sitting on bench at lincoln park

This is Grace! I met Grace while attending her mom’s fitness studio, STRENGTHstudio. Her mom is a total inspiration and really has kept me in the best of shape for both my wedding last year and all throughout my pregnancy this year. I was attending her classes all the way up until I gave birth! Knowing Grace’s mom, it’s no surprise that Grace is as dedicated and motivated as she is. Grace is the oldest of three beautiful young ladies in her family and is graduating from Holy Names Academy with the Class of 2017. She is an incredibly talented rower for her school and recently signed her letter of intent to row for Stanford next year! The community is so proud of her and all of her hard work. Grace and I headed out to Lincoln Park in West Seattle for her session and enjoyed a beautiful fall day complete with snowy Olympic Mountains in the distance. This was my first time photographing a session at Lincoln Park. What a fantastic location for that classic Seattle look! It has the best of everything Northwest – towering evergreens, a beach loaded with driftwood, and spectacular views of the ferries crossing Puget Sound and the mountains in the distance. While this session was in the fall, I think it would be a great location at any time of year! Wishing Grace the best as she finishes off the rest of her senior year 🙂

For more information on scheduling a senior or portrait session with us, email

Best of 2016 | That’s a Wrap!

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What a year it has been! I have to admit that putting together this little (or not-so-little) best of 2016 year end post has become one of my favorite traditions. It really gives me a chance to look back and reflect on how far I’ve come not only as a photographer, but as a business owner and person in general. This year definitely did not disappoint! I was faced with a challenging busy schedule during the summer months, over 40 days of snowboarding in the winter, a massive amount of traveling in the fall, and of course the anticipation of our little one arriving! I can only imagine what type of new experiences and challenges 2017 will bring.

And here are my top 10 favorite memories from 2016:

1. Riding the line “Brain Damage” on the Silver King at Crystal Mountain. Definitely one of the scarier and most exhilarating trips I’ve taken down the slopes!
2. Visiting my family in Arizona in March and getting to spend a day in Sedona hiking and wine tasting with my sister.
3. Celebrating David’s 30th birthday in Whistler with a massive group of friends during the World Ski and Snowboard Festival in April.
4. Finding out I was pregnant with a little boy! (Also scary but oh-so exciting!)
5. Heading back to the national baton twirling championships at Notre Dame in July and earning my NBTA Judging License.
6. Having a couple of weekends off in August to spend backpacking with David and our friends. Slowly getting that hiking bucket list checked off!
7. My crazy month of traveling in September – Wisconsin, Boise, Virginia, and 2 weeks in Jackson Hole. While all trips were for weddings, I got to visit my cousins who I seldom see in Chicago, my aunt and uncle in Boise, and also celebrate our 1st anniversary and see our best friends in Jackson.
8. Watching the Washington Huskies go 12-1 and clinch the PAC-12 Championship! With days away until the College Football Playoffs, maybe they will be headed to the National Championship??
9. Hearing about my sister-in-law getting engaged! I just love weddings (obviously) and can’t wait to share this special time in her life with her.
10. Finally, one of the greatest moments of our lives – On December 26 at 1:56 am we welcomed our baby boy, Banks Jackson Duffy into the world. We are so in love with this little bundle of joy. More on his story in a future post!

Also, I just want to say THANK YOU! Thank you to each and every one of my clients for making this year a huge success. Thank you for putting your trust in me to capture the special moments in your lives. I’m so fortunate to get to meet so many incredible people who can support this amazing career that I’ve chosen. You all have touched my heart in one way or another and I’m truly lucky to know you.

I hope you enjoy this compilation of some of my favorite moments from this year. May your new year be filled with happiness, health, and a whole lot of adventure!

A Winter Adventure | Olympic National Park

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logs washed up on the shore near Kalaloch Lodge

A few weeks ago I had the luxury to just get away for a few days to Olympic National Park. David was due to be out of town for three days for a business trip so I thought, “Why not take a trip of my own?” I poured over many ideas – a cabin in the woods, a forest retreat, or a trip to the wild Washington coast? After many hours of research and contemplating my options, I ultimately decided to head to the coast and explore many of the beaches and forests in Olympic National Park. While we’ve done some backpacking out there before, I knew I just needed a few days to relax by myself. With my due date rapidly approaching, I know it will be much harder to take time for myself once the little man arrives.

For lodging, I chose the Kalaloch Lodge. Driving distance of about 3.5 hours from Seattle with no need for a ferry ride, it was easy to get to and they were running a fantastic fall special. I was able to book a private cabin that overlooked the ocean. There really is nothing like waking up to the sound of breaking waves. There also wasn’t any internet access or phone service which made my trip that much more of a relaxing getaway.

The day I arrived, it was late in the afternoon and the sun was setting. There was a little trail that went down to the beach outside of the lodge and the tide was low so I was able to walk down and explore the views. I couldn’t believe the number of drift logs that had washed up on the shore! Apparently they become very dangerous at high tide and with the winter winds rolling through, I can definitely see why.

The next day, I drove about 40 minutes north to the Hoh Rainforest, a place I’ve been simply dying to go! It was sadly a very rainy day but I guess being in a rainforest is the best place to be for that. There were only a few other cars in the lot after driving down 12 miles of road through the winding mossy forest. I set out to explore a bit of the Hoh River Trail. What’s amazing about this trail is the length of it. You can go as far or as near as you want and still see some spectacular sights. I only went about a mile and a half in as I had more I wanted to explore and am well, pregnant, so I can’t do too much lengthy hiking. If you keep going, you can go as far as 17 miles to Glacier Meadows which is just incredible to me! What an adventure it would be to plan a trip all the way out there.

After the Hoh River Trail, I decided to explore the little side trails near the parking lot. There was the Spruce Nature trail which is a 1.2 mile interpretive loop. Unfortunately there was a massive downed tree part of the way through the loop so I only saw a little bit of it. That being said, the trickling streams and giant ferns made me feel like I had just stepped into the scene of my favorite childhood movie Fern Gully. There was also the Hall of Mosses Trail which is just under a mile and explores a little big of higher terrain near the parking lot. It was an easy loop and the scenes filled with draping mosses were simply spectacular.

After I was finished exploring the rainforest I had to get to the beaches. The tide was scheduled to be high during most of the daylight hours so I waited as long as I could to get out there. The beaches south of the Hoh Rainforest are very simple to get to and require only a small hike to see some incredible views. My first stop was Ruby Beach. I was so impressed by the power of the waves crashing against the sea stacks there. After that I stopped at Beach 4. A little longer of a walk down to the beach and not another soul in sight. A little driftwood bridge crossed a small stream that led to the perfect rock to sit and soak in the salty air of the Pacific Ocean. Weather conditions had improved and I was treated to a golden sunset with just me and the sea birds to enjoy. It was a really peaceful moment.

After the beach adventures I headed back to the lodge to have some dinner and another quick walk on the beach at dusk. While I wish I had brought some of my own food to cook (I booked the trip at 5pm the night before!), I was certainly not disappointed with what they had to offer. The food was fresh and healthy and the service was fantastic! I topped off both of my evenings there with reading and building a fire in the wood stove in my cabin. They supplied fresh wood every day which kept it nice and toasty.

The day that I left, I made sure to get up early enough for a little more exploring before heading back to Seattle. I made a stop at the beautiful Quinault Rainforest about 30 minutes south of Kalaloch. It was on my way home and I saw there were some simple trails there that would probably be appropriate for my very pregnant self. I chose to take the 3.9 mile loop that linked up with the Cedar Bog and part of the Falls Creek Loop. A little bit of everything! This trail offered gorgeous views of multiple waterfalls, giant towering cedar trees and a walk along the shores of Lake Quinault. It was simply stunning and the perfect way to end my trip on the coast.

I would highly recommend Olympic National Park and its coastal hikes for anyone looking for a winter hiking adventure not involving snow. What are some of your favorite winter hikes?

Romance Along the Snake River | Rob & Edie

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a couple smiles together while the sun sets behind the mountains near the snake river sporting club in jackson hole

I had the pleasure of photographing this absolutely stunning Snake River Sporting Club wedding in Jackson Hole during one of my busiest months of photography yet this past year. September was a total whirlwind – the first weekend in Wisconsin, the second in Boise, then off to Jackson Hole for two weeks and a quick flight out to Virginia while I was there. I knew it would be busy and I knew it would be a lot of hard work but it was all worth it in the end. I got to photograph some of the most stunning weddings and travel to places I’d never been. While Jackson Hole is a standard in my travel repertoire, it’s beauty never ceases to inspire and amaze me. While I was there for those two weeks, I photographed two weddings, updated some merchandise photos for a friend’s website, invested some time doing some online marketing training, and spent multiple days hiking and exploring Grand Teton National Park with nothing but my camera. I drove my own car out there and just got to spend some real quality time relaxing and being myself in the mountains.

Rob and Edie’s wedding brings back so many wonderful memories for me. The two of them just seem to fit together. Traveling to photograph a wedding that’s a destination wedding for a couple can be interesting. I hadn’t met either of them other than a few phone conversations which can sometimes make me feel a bit disconnected compared to the couples I photograph here in the Northwest. That being said, they came all the way up from Florida to the beautiful Teton range to tie the knot – I knew that meant they had already felt that connection to Jackson Hole that so many people are drawn to and I can definitely get on board with that. Their wedding at the Snake River Sporting Club took place on a cool fall day in September. The colors were just beginning to change, the winds making the aspen leaves sparkle, and the air was feeling crisp. They chose to wait to see each other until Edie officially walked down the aisle and I could tell that Rob was just simply smitten when he saw his bride. Edie donned a mint wedding gown that looked beautiful amongst the sagebrush. I loved the use of aspen boughs to line the aisle and arbor, bringing out the character of the landscape that already surrounded them. About 40 guests attended an intimate candlelight dinner where they toasted the couple and enjoyed views of the stars as the night fell.

Venue: Snake River Sporting Club
Wedding Planner: Simply Grand Events
Floral Designer: Someday Soon Flowers
Cake: Everything But the Dress
Rentals: Canvas Unlimited
Videographer: Hughes Productions
Wedding Gown: Halston
Hair Accessory: Jennifer Behr
Jewelry: Luna Skye
Bridesmaid’s Dress: BHLDN
Groom’s Attire: J. Crew
Bride’s Shoes: Manola Blahnik

2017 is just around the corner and I can hardly believe it! If you’re recently engaged and getting married next year, please don’t hesitate to get in touch about my availability. In honor of this holiday season, we are offering one additional hour of coverage complimentary ($500 value) to any couples who inquire and complete their booking between now and January 1, 2017. Email for more information!

Tesla STEM Senior Photos | Camila

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tesla stem senior in cozy sweater during fall photo session at seattle center

Meet Camila! She is senior at Tesla STEM High School this year. This lovely young lady is a swimmer, is on prom committee, and hopes to study mechanical engineering when she goes off to college. I had a great time taking her photos during a brief break from the fall rains in downtown Seattle. We started off her session at Seattle Center. Camila loves hanging out downtown and exploring the sights of the city. Her fun trendy style fit in perfectly with the fall leaves and bright colors of the recently renamed MoPOP Museum. Next we headed down to Olympic Sculpture Park. She had never been there before and loved the different sculptures along with the views of the Space Needle and Puget Sound. I loved how we were able to get a really good mix of urban backgrounds and even some true Northwest-y beach scenes. Please note this session was on a super cloudy day! While most hope for sun during their sessions, clouds can be just as good. The skin tones are so even and the colors really pop. We are super lucky to have so much diverse weather and beauty here in Seattle. As with all of our seniors, we wish Camila the very best of luck as she finishes her senior year!

While most seniors get their photos taken in the fall, I’m open for senior sessions at any time during the year. The vibrant colors of fall, chilly snow scenes of winter, fresh vibes of spring, and of course the long golden sunset of summer all make for great backdrops. Please don’t hesitate to email me at any time if you are still in need of senior photos. Sessions start at $350 and can be booked by emailing for availability.